Exact-O-Board® is made from strong, flame-attenuated borosilicate glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin. Exact-O-Board liners are formed to close thickness tolerances with smooth uniform surfaces. Their porosity and inherent structure results in highly effective thermal and acoustical control in a minimum amount of space.


Exact-O-Board® is a rugged, board-type fiber glass insulation specifically designed for use in air conditioning units and other air handling equipment applications. It is also suitable for other equipment applications requiring strength and durability, high thermal and acoustical values, space adaptability, and attractive appearance.


HVAC Equipment Liners

Temperature Limit

+350°F (177°C)

Available Forms

Exact-O-Board liner is available in a choice of thicknesses and densities. Die-cutting and laminating processes can be supplied to meet specific customer requirements. The standard product is furnished in black with a choice of thicknesses and densities.


  • Air Conditioners
  • Furnaces
  • Other HVAC Equipment


  • High Thermal and Acoustical Performance
  • Resistant to Air Erosion
  • Close Thickness Tolerances
  • Excellent for Minimum Space Requirements
  • Ease of Handling, Fabrication and Installation

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View the Exact-0-Board Safety Data Sheet

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