Metal Building Insulation



Metal Building Insulation


Metal building insulation is a flexible blanket insulation designed to be used in exterior walls and roof. It is intended to be laminated with an appropriate vapor retarder facing. In addition it can be used as an un-faced layer of insulation or with several insulation systems.


  • Improved Building Efficiency
  • Reduced Transmission of Exterior Noise
  • Reduced Interior Noise


Flexible Blanket

Standard Facings

Available Forms

Metal Building Insulation rolls is available in widths 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” with various lengths, depending on the end user requirements.


  • Variable Thickness/R-Values
  • Cut to Size in Lengths
  • Variety of Widths
  • Designated Color Coded Bags

View the complete Johns Manville Data Sheet

View the complete Johns Manville Safety Data Sheet

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