Microlite® AA Fiberglass



Microlite® AA Blankets


Microlite® AA blankets provide optimal thermal and acoustical insulation for applications up to 450°F. They are particularly well suited for insulating the fuselage wall cavities of commercial and private aircraft.


Microlite® AA blankets provide superior acoustic and thermal performance per unit weight of insulation used. They do not support biological growth or vermin. They also provide excellent stability with age.


Flexible Blanket

Temperature Limit

+450°F (232°C)

Available Forms

Microlite® AA blankets are available in a variety of densities. The standard roll width is 72”, but can be cut down to smaller rolls per customer request.


  • Aerospace
  • Fuselage Wall Cavities of Aircraft


  • Superior Acoustics
  • Water Repellent
  • Low Heat Transfer
  • Biosoluble Chemistry
  • Noncombustible
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Exceptionally Low Smoke and Toxicity

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View the Microlite® AA Safety Data Sheet

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