Solimide HT-340



Solimide HT-340


Solimide HT-340 foam is used in commercial, aerospace and industrial markets. It is used in aerospace applications market where higher temperature resistance is needed. It is also used as thermal and acoustical insulation on military vessels around the world. Examples of applications that use Solimide HT-340 foam are high temperature pipes and ducts, night storage heaters, ovens, hull board, duct wrap and acoustic ceiling panels.


Solimide HT-340 foam is a lightweight, fire resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation material. The fire resistance od Solimide HT-340 foam provides a significant reduction in fire load and combustion products for acoustical and thermal insulation. Tons of topside weight can be saved when Solimide HT-340 replace heavier fibrous insulation in such applications as hull board, duct wrap, and acoustic ceiling panels.


Polyimide Foam

Temperature Limit

575°F (300°C)

Available Forms

Solimide HT-340 can be faced or coated and cut into numerous shanpes or sizes to meet end user requirements. Available in 0.40 lb/ft [6.4 kg/m]


  • Lightweight
  • Fire resistant
  • Thermal and acoustical properties
  • Meets BMS 8-300 Type 3 Grade 4

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